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Not only are bikes good for health, fitness, the environment and your bank balance, there is a noticeable surge in demand for E-bikes as a versatile, flexible and trendy mode of transport. Worldwide, in 2013 there was approximately 40 million E-bikes in circulation, with China accounting for 80% of this market.

Further growth in the global E-bike market is anticipated, with 35 million unit sales of E-bikes forecast for 2016. Demand is also growing in Europe with Germany accounting for the largest proportion of electric bikes selling in excess of 400,000 units in 2015. The Netherlands also experienced sales growth of 24% in 2015. At home in Ireland, the E-Bike Scheme which was launched in Dublin in 2009 and has since spread to Cork, Limerick and Galway due to its phenomenal success, where last year the overall subscription figure rose above 75,000 people. The scheme allows paid members to rent e-bikes as a mode of transport for a yearly subscription including a nominal fee every time they are used. So what is it that makes E-bikes so attractive, and more to the point, why so popular? We identify 5 compelling reasons for their surge in popularity and point out the benefits of possessing an E-bike, in particular if you own a motorhome.

      Ideal Substitute for Scooters and Smart Cars

      All motorhomes are subject to a maximum load carrying capacity which applies to your campervan when fully loaded. By law you are not allowed to exceed this limit, and doing so can result in hefty fines if you are unfortunate enough to be over the threshold and pulled in by authorities. If you are driving a campervan on a standard car license, the weight limit is 3.5 tonnes. Let’s say your motorhome has an un-laden weight of 3,040kg your carrying capacity must not exceed 460kg, this includes passengers, utensils, clothing, camping equipment such as tables and chairs, diesel tank and water tank fills. Keeping within this threshold can be challenging, which is why electric bikes are an excellent light weight alternative to scooters and electric cars and are easily portable. They are also an excellent alternative to renting a car, giving you the freedom and flexibility to really get acquainted with your surroundings.

      Going the distance

      Further advances in technology and increased battery life, means E-bikes are now capable of covering distances up to 50km on a single charge. With a choice of four settings from Eco (lowest level), Tour, Sport, and Turbo (highest level), and with their corresponding assistance, you can select how much power you wish to apply, alternatively you can operate the bike in ‘no power assist mode’. So whether you are a novice or pro, the world is literally at your feet regardless of the terrain. Taking on routes otherwise only fit for a Tour de France Cyclist is a real possibility regardless of your fitness level.

      Substitute for public transportation and traffic congestion

      Use of electric bikes is not limited to holidays or leisure; they can be used all year round and where we see more and more people covering distances up to 30km to get to work and stay active, they are also used as a less expensive alternative to public transportation with the added benefit of avoiding traffic congestion. Not only do you get to work quicker, you have more in your back pocket, whilst increasing your fitness levels.

      Makes Cycling accessible to everyone!

      Traditionally, cycling was a limited activity for people with injuries, cardiac conditions, back problems, prosthetic knees, prosthetic hips and those suffering from arthritis. If someone suffers from high blood pressure or a heart condition, strenuous activity would not be advisable, however Electric Bikes; allows people of all ages and fitness levels to get out and be active without causing strain or injury and allowing people to gradually enhance their fitness. Families can now venture on a journey of considerable distance, allowing all members with varying fitness levels and ages to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

      E-bikes qualify for the Bike to work tax relief Scheme

      Now it’s time for the really good news! Electric bikes qualify for the cycle to work scheme, as it applies to new bicycles and pedelecs.

      Healthy and fun and with an economic carbon footprint, E-bikes are a flexible and versatile form of transportation. If you wish to find out more about electric bikes and perhaps and give one a test drive. Anchor Point motorhomes stock a range of Gepida and Prestige bikes, with battery capacity up to 180Km, choice of folding, rear and front wheel drive, a range of power settings from leisure to sport along with standard extras including anti shock suspension, hydraulic brake systems and reputable Shimano gear systems. All bikes come with a two year warranty! AnchorPoint Motorhomes are now Munster's leading retailer for quality E-bikes which are manufactured in Europe by two of the most highly regarded brands worldwide, Gepida and Prestige. For more information, feel free call us on +353 (0)61 379903 or visit our showrooms.

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